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Hello ! I am a beginner at this and i would like to create a kind of pointing app, witch which i can click on button and count the number of days. But i dont know, how i can save the value. Please could you help me on this ? Thank you !


You can use another button for save and use tiny db component

And also alist view for viewing it

There a few types of databases that App Inventor offers:

  • TinyDB
  • TinyDBWeb
  • CloudDB
  • Firebase
  • File

For more information see here -

You can use the one most suitable to your needs.

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if you place all the blocks as shown you can save and read the data whenever you open the app or save a data

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What is the ''point_visible" ?

It is a label or a variable ?

That's the procedure in the prior post that on app initialization loads ListView1's .elements from all the tags in TinyDB1.
in FAQ Section: Books, Tips, Tutorials for AI2)

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So the have this variable, i have to create a ''list view'' if i understand

Yes, if you want to use the code in Save information