Upload images or videos on mit app inventor

Hi, I would like to create an application where I can upload images or videos from my mobile phone. Can this be done with app inventor and how exactly? (I want just an idea)

Yes it can be done.

Where do you want to upload your images/videos ?

I would like to upload my images/videos to a database if it's possible.

Which database ?

Although it is possible to directly load media into a database, it is more generally accepted to upload media / binary files to online storage and to save the urls to those files to the database.

I have used firebase in my projects and I would like to continue with it.

Basically, I have an educational application and the testing part consists of uploading some images / videos with what the users have worked on to check their progress.

Suggest your start here, try a few things, then come back and ask for help if you get stuck.


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