Anyone knows how to get Facebook + Google login extension or a way to implement them?

Hello Everyone

Anyone knows how to get Facebook + Google login extension or a way to implement them via app inventor ?

Thank you all

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You can use extension for Google Account login by using @Taifun's extension directory

can you share the link please ?

i checked here [ App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps ] for the facebook extension doesn't work anymore.

Use these extensions.


I am not taking about facebook extension

The extension might help

Regarding this Facebook login i tried it , it shows plenty of errors , i think it's old dated now.

Did you add the necessary keys? Facebook Login has some restrictions.

No, that extension is paid and the community has shut down, the only way is the Web Archive URL. You probably will have a hard time getting support.

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I know it is paid, but can't we pay from the archive?

It is an archive, so you can only read it. You cannot get support.

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i think the extension is already broken or the sample aia file or doesn't work anymore.

The sample AIA file is from Thunkable Classic - loading projects from different builders might have errors.

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aha , I see similar to kodular thing , is there any way for it on app inventor

btw , app inventor apps isn't injected or the size isn't huge like other builders which makes it perfectly safe & great !

Try this, modified project settings to work with AI2. Haven't tested if extension still works

FacebookLogin.aia (77.8 KB)

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Sorry, I still found this.

The blocks area did not load properly. Changes to the blocks for screen 4634059476434944_Screen2 will not be saved.
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I tried this extension but it's super limited

like i only can get his [ email address , avatar ]

is there more advanced one like it takes his/her registered data from google at least his name

You can use Firebase Authentication, I think. Still I haven't found a way to log in with Google only, but I found a way to log in with email.

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thank you so much , but it looks like there's a lot missing in the aia + the guide for it is lost

kind of hard task i guess i'll forget it :smiley:

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