Publish App On Google Play Store

Anti-Virus Blacklist? :thinking:

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I guess i'll talk to school IT....

I just noticed that the URL in your screenshot is different.........

....what happens if you copy-paste the URL in?

The admin screen pop-ups and tells me to change accounts. The url in the screenshot is the one it leads me to after i switch to my personal gmail. If i change to after i switch google accounts, the page just loads for forever and I get the original error message error_too_many_redirects.

Try this:

... nearly forgot, use a Chrome incognito window.

Thak you... :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Now please check did it work?

I will add a example promo video and some screenshots to the tuotorial. :smile:

Here it is explained in detail how the ic_launcher icons are generated. However, since AI2 does not create a Play Store icon. I still see no need to upload the launcher icon in AI2 with a dimension of 1024px (except for iOS). I could not find any differences in the quality of the icons on different devices (with different densities) if I created the icon (png) with 1024px, 512px or 192px.

If I'll create an iOS app with AI2 (hopefully soon), I would create an extra AIA anyway. Because some assets would then have to be changed. Among other things, e.g. the audio files (ogg formats are not supported by iOS). So for iOS I would then upload a launcher icon with a dimension of 1024px to the assets.

See also here: App Inventor version nb181 release scheduled for December 19th

Hi Alexander

Did you get your Play Store issue fixed?

No. Currently i am working with it to see what's wrong.

Using the incognito window could be a fix on it's own.

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@ChrisWard Incognito window is blocked (school-owned Chromebook). I can access it from my tablet and my kindle, but it would be easier just to do it from my Chromebook. Sorry for the late responses, PSATS were yesterday. :open_mouth: :hushed:

I assume you are a Teacher or other trusted adult Alexander, so perhaps IT can cut you some slack? It is more than possible that they have blocked sites like Google Play Publish.

Nope. I'm not a teacher. Just a student who knows a little too much coding. :wink:

Well that's good from the coding point of view, but bad in that we have probably reached a dead end in terms of using the school's chrome book. :roll_eyes:

So, tablet it is, unless you have access to a PC or Laptop.

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Here is my final statement on the → launcher icon for Android
(as long as I don't get a contrary and convincing statement from the MIT team):

I recommend using an icon with the dimension 192x192px (in my case 78 KB) and uploading this to the media section (assets). If I use a 512x512 icon (0.6 MB) or 1024x1024 (1.3 MB), the same ic_laucher.png files are created as in the case of the 192x192 icon.

Note: But the original icon remains in the assets (1.3 MB in case of an icon with 1024x1024px and only 78 KB with an icon of 192x192px. So the AIA & APK are more than 1.2 MB smaller).

If I can (later) create an → iOS app, I'll replace this icon with a 1024x1024px icon.

For several good reasons, I am basically interested in the smallest possible AIA and (even more important) smallest APK.

Just take a screenshot of the app from your device and that's it!

For resizing you may use online tools!