Publish App On Google Play Store

It should be done in 9 min. :wink:

This is by far the easiest part of creating and publishing an app. There are thousands of tools for creating and editing images. Where could the problem be?
BTW, this is not an App Inventor related question.

PS: I use (among others) e.g.

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I must change the name of the OP to be able to reply: :upside_down_face:

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You mean the username? #off-topic


I can't tell you how annoying these constant regulations are!


Yes, I have been stuck on publishing for over a year now. I make the icons and images and it won't save on Google Play. I get a very generic email about policy but no actual advise from Google Play on what is wrong. Delete if not allowed.

Can we see the email?

How about asking the Google Play Developer Support specifically where the problem is?
I've done this (successfully) dozens of times.


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