Why is my app crashing after building successfully during startup?

Why is my app crashing after building successfully?

I test my app on my phone. but that app I sent to someone else and she could not run it! I could not find a setting to resolve this?

How to fix it?

my android version is 7.1 and her version of android is 11

In 7.1 its running flawlessly!

Please post your AIA file.

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Ok, Insha_Ishaan.aia (2.5 MB)

There are a few personal informations in the app so please do not open them

Do you know what is this?

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ok I will test it and say it to her if the app is fine or not

will about:blank also work?

anyways she is busy and will not give her phone to me to test it. Can I tell you the result after a few hours please?

At what point does the app crash? During startup? After clicking any button? You can test it by removing extensions you don't use.

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During startup

Yes, the problem is the YouTube extension. Remove this extension completely from the project.

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Yes I removed now but still she is busy so I can't test it...

The launcher icon should be 192x192 px.

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The app was crashing on my phone as well. After removing this extension, it works fine. Also, to reduce the size of the app, follow @Anke advice and reduce the icon size.

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Is this perfect?

I reduced it to what you said @Anke...

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It successfully worked on her phone this time! Thanks for all your help!

@TIMAI2 Please read this!

Well, @TIMAI2 this post reply is not the solution...

What @Patryk_F said was the solution!

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