Permissions of Location in Moto G (with respect to BLE)

I tried searching scan Bluetooth devices in a data picker but he doesn't work. I was see about permissions o location, but i active all permissions for app and nothing work... someone can help me?

I'm using BLE library....

(Canned Reply ABG - BLE FAQ with Latest Versions for Permissions)

(Same result with BLE ver 20230728.)

Hi, i tried your app and he works really. But i'm new in android, i tried this code and not works too. See that all permissions in my phone are granted for this app.

Then my app starts:

... and when i button clicks:

This is my code:

It looks like you have overseen the example from here


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Where i find the block: "call LocationStatus1.isEnabled"?

The answer would have just been 2 posts below the example from the link

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Wooow, It worked!! Thank you both very much... I will continue to delve deeper into Android studies. I think I have a lot to see :sweat_smile:

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