Need Help with BLE

Hello All
I need help with BT.

I have this Native App created some 5 years ago. It reads the data from 4 BLE devices. I have the source code. This App doesnt wotk with Android 13. I named this app HNCr.

My main App, created in MIT AI, tells HNCr via local txt file which one of the 4 BLE devices to pull the data from and when done HNCr creates a txt file my main App reads.

Since HNCr doesnt work in Android 13, now I need to read this BLE data from my Main App. I need to use a BLE Extension.

I need somebody to help me with the "characteristics", "GATT", etc that are already in my Native App. I dont know where to find them or how to apply them to the BLE Extension you will recommend. Of course i want to pay for this help.

So, what i need is:

  1. Recommend a BLE Ext you already used.

  2. Look for the IDs in my native code that i need to Paste into the BLE Ext blocks.

With this my main App will be able to read the BLE data from my 4 BLE devices.

Thank you

Carlos Bieberach

For the latest BLE extension: