MyFonts → use your own custom fonts (a modified version of @Ken's YourFont extension)

would be helpful if you could provide permission to use in appathon

MyFonts is allowed to be redistributed by MIT as part of the competition.


The path to the assets for devices with Android < 10 has changed (since the nb187 release) from:

Therefore, the extension no longer worked under Android <10 with Companion.
Here is the update that fixes this problem:
MyFonts.aix (5.8 KB)


Hallo @Anke,
once again, one really awesome extension !!!
You're a Square(Power-User)
:+1: :+1: :+1:
Cheers, Ugo.


@Anke Can you please make one modified version for me that doesn't adds storage permission requirement in manifest PLEASE /\

Here is a new version that does not add READ permission to the Manifest.

If you use this version the fonts must be stored in the assets.
MyFonts_3.aix (5.9 KB)

(WRITE permission was never declared before anyway.)


Thank you so much you are too good I was thinking that I have to compromise with it but you have done the work for me thanks a lot it really means a lot.

Hello this is returning error in companion

Which error? Post a screenshot.

It isn't even working in companion no error.

@Anke It started working after reconnecting companion.

Sometimes you need to delete Companion's assets folder.

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Ok thanks for the tip next time I will keep in mind.

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i have problem , when the number of character is lenght too i see barcode in two line!!!
can u help me?

I tink you have to set the weidth of the label/text box to "fill container"
Here a screen of the interface :

sorry for my english but i'm italian.


Hello, it says "Upload Error" everytime I try to import it as an extension.

  • Remove all assets from the Companion app (on your test device)
  • reload the browser and
  • try again.

See also here:

My devices (both phone and laptop) can't seem to access the .aia file. Can I send you a PM? I tried searching for ways online on how I can do it, but I'm lost. I'm a newbie in MIT App Inventor.

Ok, send me the aia via PM.