MyFonts → use your own custom fonts (a modified version of @Ken's YourFont extension)

Hello, it says "Upload Error" everytime I try to import it as an extension.

  • Remove all assets from the Companion app (on your test device)
  • reload the browser and
  • try again.

See also here:

My devices (both phone and laptop) can't seem to access the .aia file. Can I send you a PM? I tried searching for ways online on how I can do it, but I'm lost. I'm a newbie in MIT App Inventor.

Ok, send me the aia via PM.

guys I have a Question where to download AIX fonts ?

Hello Mohammed

You can use True Type Fonts - however, you can't just rip them off your PC, those are copyrighted. Search the internet for the style of font you require - you should find some that are completely free (perhaps requiring a mention in the credits page of your App). You can simply upload a True Type Font to App Inventor's media tray (assets), just as you would other files such as images.