My new Quiz app Works well while with ai companion but crashes while installing the built app

i designed a Quiz

app it works well in AI companion but when i install it getting crashed. i try to find a solution its not available anywhere.Please help me out.
thank you.

Hello ponraj

We need to know precisely when your App crashes - during the install? When a specific button is tapped? When swapping Screens?

What error messages do you see?

how we can check our program is correct or not because some time when we check in AI companion the program is working well but the same program when we install the app it is getting we can do final check before we share to somebody or install our app.


It would help us to help you if you read my earlier response and answered it!

What do use for Screen1 Icon?
That can kill an install if it’s too big.

any error message?
you might want to set Clock1.Enabled to false before opening any another screen


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Thank you for your response.Totally i had a 4 screens. After installation, Screen1 opened when i click a option, it went to Screen2 (as per my program) but afterwards it went to screen3 and screen4 before clicking any option and then continuously all screen opened one by one without any time gap.i could not close the application my phone got hang afterwards i restart my phone.then i uninstall the app.i didn’t get any error message. but when i testing the app through AI companion it works well.

i didn’t get any error message.but i will try to implement your solution.Thank you for your response.

I don’t have a installation problem.after installation it getting crashed.

It does sound like a Clock Timer issue.

Here is a list of things that can cause issues: Cannot Build/Install/Run APK

Thank you for your response.As per your instruction i have tried to close the screen & timer using procedure but still i couldn’t close the screen this is how i identified after opening the screen2 i can still hear screen1 sound .i have attached corrected blocks sir,please go through if you could help me out.Thank you…

You must stop the sound of screen 1 when you switch to screen 2, or you must close screen 1 if you switch to screen 2.

To switch screens correctly, try this (on each of your screens):


This way, only 1 screen is open at a time.

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Greetings, I had not seen that these instructions should be done when you have multiple screens. Thanks for sharing

Greetings, friend, can you share the application to see it and comment with more ideas? I am also a teacher

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Hi, my group has a similar problem with our app in which it works fine when connected to the AI companion but crashes when it is installed. We cannot seem to find the problem as it does not seem to be an issue of memory storage or overlapping resource button.
Here are the codes:

Any help would be much appreciated.

Export your .aia file and upload it here.

P.S. see advice for working with screens at


Also try building without a Screen1 icon.