My most successful app: RECORDER

Hi everyone :wave:
I have been working on a app called Recoder that does exactly it's name!Recorder
1. What does this app do?

  • Take pictures and videos
  • Edit the picture taken
  • Take down notes
  • Scan and generate QR Codes
  • View the result of the QR Code
  • Record audio
  • Downloadable files: Edited picture, Generated QR Code, Notes

2. Screenshots of the app

3. Extensions used

4. Download

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6. Thank yous
Thanks to @Taifun, @Faraz_Firoz and @Aquib_Khan for their extensions!

7. Versions
Version 1 (Original post) : 2021-10-05T18:30:00Z
Version 2 : 2021-10-13T18:30:00Z

8. More information
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And thank YOU for taking time to read this topic!


You should call it the "multitasking app" :laughing:.
Other than that, it's an amazing app; completely flawless!

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Great App :+1: :wink:

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Best App :+1: :+1:

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Great app!

I like this extension very much.

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Thank you @Nishyanth_Kumar

Yeah :sweat_smile:. But most of the features are recorders: voice, photo, video, notes

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Sometimes, people may add additional features to apps, like adding a random number generator to a ebook app!


Thanks @SRIKAR_B.S.S

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Thanks for the feedback :blush: @HAM_APK

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Thanks very much @Gordon_Lu

Me too super extension by @Faraz_Firoz


Thank you both of you two. This extension update in some days and in that update you can add image with text(you can add icon in popup menu) :wink: soon it will update


Wow that would be an incredible feature @Faraz_Firoz


did you test your app on different Android versions?
My simple notification extension only runs on Android < 8


I used only on Android < 8

Hmm. I hope you can make it work for Android > 8 @Taifun

Version 2 is here!

1. What's new?
Added extensions:
Dialogs ( Extension version 5)

2. Download