MQTT and Firebase Connection with App Inventor

Hi there,

I'm new to App Inventor and I have as project in my Bachelor Thesis to connect App Inventor with a Firebase project and with MQTT.
I found pretty much stuff regarding App Inventor with Firebase and even some with MQTT, but for some reasons the projects I found are not working.
To clearify in advance, the experimental Firebase tool of App Inventor itself is no option, because it may be disabled in the nearer future and my BA project has to work for many years, so I need to do that with a html implementation.
Does anyone of you have a working example using App Inventor with Firebase or with MQTT and would share this project with me, please?
I won't copy that, but it's hard to fullfill the project requirements without a working example to work from with a similar syntax.

Thanks a lot in advance!


Have you checked



Also consider your own CloudDB server as an alternative to Firebase:

Thanks for your answers, @ABG :slight_smile:
I'll check those links.
But for my purpose it would also be great if someone would share it's first hand experience to discuss my mistakes on the projects with.

All of those examples use the FirebaseDB from App Inventor which may not work in the future, that's why I can't use it for my Bachelor Thesis.
I need to include the functionality into a html document and call the function in the html file via App Inventor.
Do you have any recent solution for that case?

A nice project would be to buy a Raspberry Pi and install Mosquitto (Broker MQTT)

Hi Juan,
I found some projects with Raspberry Pi connection, but unfortunally this is not my task :confused:
I really need to do it the way I told before, but I didn't find a solution yet.

Then consider this:

or this:

Thanks @TIMAI2, this is exactly what I've been looking for regarding Firebase :+1:
I'll try it out tomorrow.
Do you also have working examples with MQTT?

This seems to be a good / free extension that provides MQTT access with App Inventor

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