MIT app Inventor BLE permission problem with android

Thanks, i was able to get the blocks.

I get an error on TinyDB in the blocks........

Any idea?


show us both the error and the blocks?

Try this one (build the APK and test it):
BluetoothClient_permissions.aia (7.0 KB)

You are very new to AI2, so you missed one important point.

You have to drag into your project in the Designer from the components pallette, all the components whose blocks you will need.

I suggest taking the grand tour of the Designer component pallettes, and reading the names and functions of all the components.

Unfortunately dragging AI2 blocks does not carry along the components for those blocks.

Thanks very much for the advice ....


Did you try my test aia (post #9)? Does it (especially the APK) work for you?

I have been busy Otherwise so I will test it in the coming days. I will let you know .....:smiley:

@Anke on advice from ABG i will first acqaint myself with everything like where do the components come from. Watch the tutoriaks etc....:smiley::smiley:

I would test first if it works. And if so, then you can always research more deeply.

@Anke I tested your aia and it worked. It could find all blue tooth Including Mcqueen.
Great stuff, thanks.

@Anke can I somehow copy your BLE solution into my project? I have a project for moving my Mcqueen but need your Bluetooth aix in there to get it working.


There is no Bluetooth(Client) extension.
You have my test aia and the relevant blocks. So where is the problem?

I was not clear in text. What i mend was how to import your bluetooth aix into mine project . I have a project to command the Mcqueen via Bluetooth but want to include your aix to do the connection business . I hope this is clearer...:smiley::smiley:


To get BLE .aix files, see

Thank you very much..