MIT AI2 Companion has unexpectedly crashed


Got a college project and my AI2 keeps crashing on me.
No clue what is causing it:

The login button opens a new screen (Login Screen)

We also have no idea what freezes it, and without seeing your blocks or the .aia file, we probably won't know ...

It's for college so I'd rather not release my files to everyone, however, I'll send you a message with my .aia file :slight_smile:

The application crashes because you are not using the screens properly. From what I can see, screens are only opened, you are not closing open screens.

How would I close the current screen but also open up the one I want to go to?

Use this procedure:
Instead of Screen1, you enter the name of the screen you want to open.

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Test it and let me know.

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I'll give it a go now, thank you.

I see from your image you are using the stock MIT emulator.

You can find more robust free emulators at

Here's some advice on Screens ...

and a couple of login methods without screens:

I think this is a textbook example of how you end up opening screens without closing them.

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Thanks for the help everyone, however @Patryk_F got it :slight_smile:

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