Mass changing arrangements

I'm a high school student currently working on an app to create exercises, generate workouts, and log statistics. My current hurdle is not displaying each exercise in its own vertical arrangements, but having the ability to mass change all of those arrangements efficiently. To my knowledge, I can't exactly create and delete arrangements with blocks. I have a total of 20 arrangements for a maximum of 20 exercises. Let's say the user only wants 10 different exercises, which will get displayed in their own respective vertical arrangements.
How would I be able to turn all of the vertical arrangements visibility to false, then turn however many arrangements visibility's to true based on the number of exercises the user needs, and in an efficient use of code?

You must learn to work with lists and how to reuse screen components.

This is great and I'm sure it could help someone in the future, but would you have another solution? Possibly an extension I could check out?

Store the arrangement in a list, use For loop and ' any arrangement' to set its visibility.

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I'm not sure why I didn't think of that thank you!
For further explanation, I put every arrangement as an item inside of a list (I'm sure there's a better way of adding items to a list than I did, but it's just a proof of concept for now).
I was then able to (thanks to @Kevinkun idea) use a loop to set every arrangement visibility to false and then set the arrangement visibility that I needed to be true based on the user's input.

You can, with an extension such as CompCreator:

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