Manifest File in APP INVENTOR how to see it

Hi everyone, i would like to know how can I see what do I have I my manifest file,
and if it is possible to change the instructions whithin App Inventor

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This guide, by @Anke in Kodular


Thank very much for your help Juan Antonio, I will try it

Hey this really helped me out and I got my BLE to work again by adding in permissions for fine location, Bluetooth scan and connect to the manifest. I was really struggling with installing as an apk since the companion app already had the permissions i was able to test without issues and when it came to the apk i needed to add necessary manifest permissions. This was by far the easiest and fastest way to modify the manifest and then sign the package again.

you could have searched the community to find the beta version, which adds the new required permissions automatically...


PS: see also

(Canned Reply ABG - BLE FAQ with Latest Versions for Permissions)