Is this app idea possible with MIT App Inventor

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I am completely new to MIT App Inventor and was just wondering if this app idea I had was possible.

So basically my idea is, with the burst in popularity for cryptocurrency, I wanted to make an app which shows the live prices of different cryptocurrencies and their recent past (kind of like the graphs you see when looking at the stock market).

There would be multiple cryptocurrencies available to see and also a discussion board for people to talk about the day's events. Maybe I can even create a news section where top news articles from the day can be seen.

I feel like I need an api from a financial source (i.e. Bloomberg) to import the data from. Ditto for the news articles. Would it be possible to do this? Or is there another way that is easier or just better?

I am open to any and all feedback so please feel free to comment below!

I think it's possible. I've collected some solutions, to some of your problems. Hope it helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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Using API

In this chapter, you’ll be introduced to the Web component through a relatively
simple example that accesses fnancial stock price information from a public API
made available by Yahoo Finance. The protocol for talking to this API is fairly simple,
and the data returned is in a list of values separated by commas (comma-separated
values, or CSV), so it serves as a nice introduction to API communication.
Unfortunately, most APIs have complicated permission schemes and APIs, and they
often return data in formats such as JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) or XML, which
require some advanced code to parse.


The figure below shows the blocks for an app that displays Google stock information when
the app launches.

On Screen.Initialize, Web1.Url is set to the URL for communicating with Yahoo
Finance. When Web1.Get is called, the request is made, but no data is returned
Instead, when Yahoo returns the requested data to your app, the Web1.GotText
event is triggered, and this is where you can process the returned data. The event
parameter responseContent holds the data. As just mentioned, the Yahoo Finance API
returns data in CSV format. If you build this app and run it, you’ll see that the current Google stock price and the change in the price for the day are displayed in
StockInfoLabel, separated by commas.
You can customize the Web.Url to get the information for a diferent company (or
companies), and to get various types of stock market information. The Yahoo Finance
API, at, specifes how
you can change the URL to customize your request, as well as the format of the data it


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Thank you so much!

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