Integrate Sumup terminal POS

hi Folks, i created a small POS program, currently i'm looking to integrate the sumup payment terminal, once the app is installed also on the android device it looks possible to send commands to the software to iniate a payment request to the terminal.

it calls a API Payment Switch | SumUp for Developers
api payment switch, i was wondering how to do a URI call. Any help would be nice

This link shows one way to use an api. How I can use an API in MIT App Inventor? - #2 by SteveJG

Possibly do something similar using the sumup-android-api by making GET api calls.

What have you tried?

I need to do the same integration.
Could you give some more detailed tips on how to do it.

There are alternate API samples at

Look through there for samples of how to build your Web component headers.

Check the site for what headers and token flow it needs.