How I can use an API in MIT App Inventor?

Hi, is there any way for use an API in App Inventor, how I can use it?

Use the Get component to retrieve information from the api; then process the data the Get downloads. :slight_smile:

Here is a tutorial showing one way to use the Wikipedia api; usually an api returns a json file that needs to be 'mined' for information.

This example may help you to understand the concepts. It is complicated and spends a lot of time discussing the Map component. Just read the content about using the api (you don't need the map parts to see how an api could be used to obtain information). A more simple example is Amazon Bookstore ; however the Amazon actual api is no longer available (this is an old tutorial).

What api are you interested in?


Here's a collection of Web Service API examples...

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Here are resources for learning how to implement an API into your app and different APIs.

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The API that interests me is Java Access Bridge or similar to it, because I need an API to be able to recognize characters on the screen.

But didn't your app put those characters on the screen?

This link discusses using Android's Accessibility features to read the contents of a Screen android screen reader - Google Search.

This is similar to what JavaAccess Bridge does with WIndows. Android uses TalkBack You might be able to use the links to find some things you can link to using App Inventor. TalkBack is probably already on your phone, it just needs to be activated with Settings.

Only the characters of the voice of the user, but I nedd an API that can recognize characters on the screen like google search results.

If you want to copy from web page responses, here is a sample web scraper ...

Gordon's @Gordon_Lu tutorial shows how to do a Web search and get a response in text that can be read by the TextToSpeech control

This may the advice you want to try to make an app that will do a search and then read the results out loud. I tried it an found it provides the basics. Also that it can be more useful it the Google Programmable Search Engine is modified in the api console he discusses. See Customizing Search Results  |  Programmable Search Engine  |  Google for Developers

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