Ideas for App Inventor 2 Anti-Awards

The Dripping Tap


Somehow you just know that having provided a solution to a user's problem, they are going to come straight back with:

"actually there are five of them"
"just one other thing" (related or not)

and this will keep happening....



(I'll ask here)


For those of us who, for whatever inexplicable reason, are incapable of starting their own topic, or asking their query on an existing topic of their subject after searching the community, appear to pick a random topic from the latest view, and ask their unrelated question there....


The Data Flow Anti-Award

For the project that has not yet mastered the concept of data flow ...


The (Little too) Early Helper
The one who always is ready to help other users without having the basic knowledge of using that component or AI2....


The Swift

Having asked a question, flies in, posts, then flies out, for hours, days....a kind of "leave you hanging" (for a high five)


My First Toy Award.

For those new users whose first application is a mess.

Hello friends, new here, I am learning to program. I just discovered App Inventer and I like it a lot. My app doesn't work can you fix it? Thank you. Good Community. Sorry for my English.


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The Winky Dink


This behavior is named after an old device that lets kids draw on their TV screens, in the expectation that they were affecting the show.

(I had one of these when I was a kid.)

The modern day equivalent is a coder who updates a List Viewer or List Picker as his data base, instead of just refreshing the display component from a data base.


The Mountaineer


Take a small or even non-existent issue within AppInventor, make some wild uninformed assumptions as to why this makes your project non-functioning, and give judgement that AppInventor is just no good. This is also after having not bothered to read the documentation, search the community for similar situations, or do any debugging / creating trial projects to replicate the issue. Refuse to listen or accept any answers or suggestions to overcome the small/non-existent issue.


The PICNIC Award

Problem In Chair Not In Computer


The Ben Turpin Award
for not seeing what is right there for all to see.
(I earned one of these over the weekend.)


on the topic of places...


Named after the abandoned Turkish village of Kayaköy.

Awarded to topics that, once posted, are never replied to. The author, perhaps having simply given up on trying to bump their topic, then disappears without a trace (to return months, or even years later).

This award has already been awarded to the posters of a substantial number of micro:bit topics.

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[quote="NishyanthKumar, post:97, topic:50936"]
every element of a subset of the set of all micro:bit posts
[/quote] what does this mean? How many elements are this?

The Just One More Anti-Award

For the person who overstuffed his app, one item at a time, until AI2 could not handle more.


Really funny! Reminds me of a person in local politics here (the fat guy).

The Splat! Award

For the developer that just keeps throwing "found or made up" blocks and code at their project in the hope that one of them will stick - and possibly work.

(Note; asking for help after each additional iteration, after compounding their initial error)


In similar vien:

The Everything, Everywhere, All At Once Award



This might be a good award for some one who does not account for the need to allow long running operations to complete before trying to build on their results, like adding rows to a new spreadsheet before the sheet has finished being created.

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The Misinformer

The person (or bot) who always necro-posts or posts in any topic an answer which is generated by ChatGPT or any other AI bot, which is completely irrelevant to the topic or question being posted by the OP. Therefore providing misinformation to the community.