I want to build a multilanguage app but i am facing issues

i am using the same method as per your site

Draw a border around the image, that will make it look more like a button. Shobha needs to do the same....

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Thanks for the advise
i just by-chance opened her topic
i think you are in a mood of giving "Surprises" today

Sure !!

@Shruti please i want to do the same thing to my appliication i mean to translate all screens but i don't understand how you have used spinner ??

No, I looked at your aia.

To switch screens correctly, try this (on each of your screens):

This way, only 1 screen is open at a time.

Of course on Screen1 you don't need → goToScreen1, on Screen2 you don't need → goToScreen2 ...

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i got it
i will make the necessary changes.......

Exactly which spinner are you talking about?
the one i used to choose the language
the ones i translated

@Shruti the ones you have translated

Hi ! @Lina_bouchelkia
Here it is
you can check it out........

@Shruti thank you, but in my case i have 12 screens thas should be translate frome one screen any ideas please

mine is the same too
see this for doing so

@Shruti thank you i appreciate it

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Too many screens might cause a problem

@dora_paz @Taifun thank s for your devices i will work on it and if i have any other issu i w'll come back xd

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Why get this problem when i sweetch between screens

Most probably, you do not close screens correctly see how to do it


Why we can just do like image belowblocks

This is not the proper way to do it cause if you only use the open another screen and never the close screen block, you will run out of memory after a while and your app will crash

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