I need help creating a randomized list of songs

So I'm trying to create code that allows me to play a random song by clicking a button, and need some help. My idea is some sort of list that is created, then when the button is pressed it chooses a random item (song) on this list and plays it. I tried looking at random number generators, yet that uses number blocks and it honestly is all very confusing... can anybody help?

see this for description and usage

thx! im new here so this helps.

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so im here, but i dont know how to create list with block. could u send a ss of some basic randomizer list code pls? thank u!

So I have the songs, yet I have no idea where to start with the code. I want to click the button and have a random song chosen. Can somebody send a screenshot of the code? Thanks!

If you don't know how to make a list, read some basic tutorials first.


You can find some examples searching...



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... and here: My MP3 Player (MP3 Player)