Making a music player in MIT App Inventor

Search the forum. There are dozens/hundreds of posts on this.
Search: "Player", "Meta data" etc...

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As a start, try the Jukebox example
You can find it here


.How can I import .mp3 files onto a list automatically?.

external storage and sd card should be the same

Are you saying that the mp3 files already exist on your device, either in shared storage (Music), on a removable sd card, or in your apps' ASD, and all you want to do is display these files in a list ?

In your other topic, Taifun has already suggested that you look at the Jukebox example, that uses the Taifun File extension.

I don't fully understand you, but I want to reflect the songs in the device external storage and sd card to a list. When I select a song from the list, I want the song I select to play.

Please explain and show what you mean by this.... (e.g. file paths....)

I will make a music player application and I want to automatically select songs from external storage and sd card and reflect them to the list. When the user selects a song from the list, I want it to play in the background. Please understand.

As a starting point, follow the jukebox example here:

everyone tells me this but I don't understand, can you make a sample project like I described?

You can download the Jukebox.aia example project from the page linked above (scroll to the bottom of the page.)

I found one online, but it can only read the songs on the SD card.
playFromSDcards2.aia (58.8 KB)

will you give me an answer?

  1. I have
  2. You did not answer my earlier question

I'm sorry

I apologize, I use translation because I am from another country. When there is a translation error, I cannot fully understand what you say.

I found one online, but it can only read songs from the SD card.
I wrote a reply, can you look at it?

Please answer my question. You have not explicitly indicated which file paths you wish to read mp3 file names from. If you can do that, then it will be possible to advise whether this is possible (it should be, but we need to know). Also indicate your target Android system.

Something like this

Simple way to get artist info etc. using the WebViewer

based on Taifun's Juke Box. Did you test the provided aia?

Yes, and @mert_akalin should definitely refer to it (not least because I also show the blocks there):

It lists MP3s from the removable SD card (if you have one), but of course there's no problem listing MP3s from the emulated SD card as well.

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