I am making a chat app

I am making a chat app
But am beginner for this reason the app have lot of issues

The chat's app functions are

In screen1 enter your name
And click a button then with start value it
Will open next screen

It also have a Spinner
Function:-' ' no work
'Hide text' it encode text box's
message into base 64
'unhide text' it decode selected
elements in list view
(Element are message)
'clear chat'. It will delete tags in cloud db(for data base I am using cloud db)

The issues are:-
1.if I submit my name before I want to direct open 2nd screen.
2.spinner is not working

It is my AIA file

Did you follow this guide ?


If not, perhaps you should, then once you have the basics working, you can then start to add features.

You really do not need to use two screens to do this.
There is no need to encode to base64, just store the plain text

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Here is an alternative way to provide an icon (image for the users) that might be helpful for you chat program development Chat app message style - #20 by SteveJG .

Here are links to our community discussions concerning building an App Inventor chat app . Some of these discussions might contain information that can help you to decide how you want to build YOUR chat

Why base 64 not working ?

I made a block that decode selected elements in list view of base 64

When I lunch the app the app is telling

"Bad base64"

Looks like the Listview1.Selection is not a base64 string.

You may want to check this.

That is bas64 string

Are you sure ?


I want to make a button function that

If the button clicked one time before then open other window

Please help me :pray::pleading_face:

Before you get completely tied up with multiple screens, you might want to consider using virtual screens - using vertical arrangements and changing their visibility.

Here is an example, using tabs:


and a tutorial

Do you mean by having second click? You need to maintain click count.

if clickCount == 2 switch Screen and when you come back this screen back, reassign to 0.

If button clicked one time before then don't open screen 1 directly open screen 2

Please share your work, what you have done and also specify your requirement with more clarity.

Please help me in button

I am making a login system
In This login system I am taking name and with a start value it open another screen and store it in tiny db when I close the app and reopen it need name again for this reason I want to make that if button clicked one time it directly open screen 2

Once button clicked save the required details in tinydb

So next time while screen initialise call this tag value and make changes accordingly

That I all ready maked I only need that

Show what you have made so far.