How do you get the Java code of our projects?

Hello, I am having a problem of compiling DX error. And I checked everything and the problem is 2 of the 3 pages have too many blocks, around 25k each. So when I delete to 6k blocks it compiles. But I cant reduce the blocks.
My question is: Is there a way of compiling outside App Inv? or can I extract the Java code?
I saw there was a way of extracting but people said its outdated and doesnt work anymore.
Tks for any advice

How did you reach 25,000 blocks?

Did you stuff your blocks with data?

P.S. There is a heavy duty server at that might have the capacity, but you still need to learn to use table based coding.

Tks ABG, I am new to APP coding. The App is a various cashflows managements

The heavy duty server didnt work. Is there any way I can extract into Java code?

simple answer: no way.

Of course you can. It is just that you don't know.

  • split it into different operating screens.

  • reduce the redundancy (such as using generic blocks) of you code.

  • use different extensions when necessary.

Is this based on a spreadsheet originally?

No, its an investment cashflow, I was thinking in maybe do the calculations outside the APP and return the results. But I dont know how to send info and get it back from a spread sheet. And what if we have multiple cashflows at the same time?

How can I do that?

The new AI2 Spreadsheet component uses Google Sheets.

Resolve the multiple simultaneous cash flows problem by keeping all transactions as rows in a detail sheet, doing an add row for each transaction as it occurs.
Never try to update a sum in the sheet(s), because those are susceptible to multi-user conflicts.
Instead, post =SUMIFS() formulae to a summary sheet, so the sums of the detail sheets will be available.

Tks, I will look into that. Do you think it can handle thousands of clients?


This is how careers and businesses are lost.

You need a professional online database with professional support.

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Hi, an update. I had two pages with 25k and 19k blocks. So I studied my codes and on the page with 25k I reduced it to 10.5k. Just rethinking and rearanging code. One thing that I noticed is App inventor does not compile pages with more than 10.5k. With 10.7k it failed with 10.47k worked.
Now, will sleep over the 19k page.
tks for all advices.

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Your original post leaves me to believe that you are familiar/proficient with java.
As such I would take a look at some of the smaller opensource extensions for examples of how to make your own to do your heavy lifting and just pass your extension[s] parameters and listen for events from your extension[s].

I will check on that.....tks



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Hi Guys, So I manage to reduce blocks and windows and I am compiling, now. Tks to all replies.