How do you connect a picture [of an indoor map] to MIT map

Hello! I have a school project and I have to create an indoor map of a supermarket, however, I'm wondering if I can connect the map I'm going to make [it's going to be a picture] to the map of MIT, like I just want to set locations of some items, get user location and draw a line between the user and the item he/she selected, I know how to do everything regarding map and lines, but how do I insert my picture as the map of the MIT? or how to like sort it out?
Thank you for reading!

Welcome King.

There isn't a way to directly overlay your picture on a Map component map however the first link uses a Canvas and setting your 'picture map' as the background for a canvas might work. Be aware using this method does not permit precise methods.

Two ways that might work I am aware of:

Generating Polygons of things in your supermarket could work depending on your map if it is to scale.

Good luck with your Project. :wink:

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