How do I set corner radius of arrangement?

How to set corner radius of arrangement upto 100 at ones

AI2 does not have built-in rounding functions. You must use extensions.

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You can use this extension

Thank you both of you two

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see this

Someone once asked me for a similar extension:
com.sunny.CornerRadius.aix (5.6 KB)

MIT can redistribute this extension:

I, vknow360 aka Sunny Gupta, attest that I am the author of the CornerRadius extension , grant that the extension included in this project is free and that MIT has a non-exclusive irrevocable license to republish the extension as part of the project file for the purposes of the MIT App Inventor Appathon 2023.


Is this extension work properly

@vknow360 You should not post someone's extension directly in the community

Yes, at least in App Inventor.

Sorry, I was not aware of that.


Its Ok, but be aware next time. :blush:

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I tried but not working

No extension work in app inventor at this time

Soory soory thats my companion problem now it works thank you

In order for the Drawable methods to work and create corners, the arrangement background must first be set to Drawable. Extension must be able to set the color. If the extension uses the Outline method then it will work without changing the color.


which one?

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One which was posted first i.e. MakeViewUp extension by @VSATISH13

You have to give radius of 4 corners in text block like

Also as @Patryk_F said the arrangement color should be transparent. Use the designer property of MakeViewUp to set the bg color

The voter is more on vknow so I mark his post as solution