Hi Guys, I Made A New App Known As The " Exercise Mate " Please Try It

Hello I Am Advaith And I Made A Very Nice App With A Nice UI Design

The Code (If You Want It)

Please try My New App And I Wish You Will Like To Run With


And Get Fit Like Him


Extensions Used:

New Toast extension by @Ct_tricks
StatusBarTools extension by @Salman_Dev
SetOpacity extension by @newbiedeveloper and
Corner Radius extension by @vknow360

Direct Links removed by Mod

Here Is The Link To Download The .aia File Of My Clean UI Design App

ExcersiceStepGoal.aia (626.4 KB)



It would be nice to mention the extensions used in your project and credit the developers


Thanks For Telling I Gave The .aix Files Link

I removed the extensions, only the developer can directly upload an extension. You shoul credit like the example below, link should point to the developer's post, topic or site

Corner Radius extension by @vknow360 for example


Ok will try to do it

Can you please tell me how to find the person who created an extension?

If you go to the page where you got the extention from it should say at the top

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Usually you can understand by extension's name otherwise since your link will redirect to developer's post or topic you can see his name as @joel mentioned . This time I edited your post in order to help you :slight_smile:

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You might want to include a screenshot / screenshots of the output?

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