How can i make a app to chat from two phones

I just it in a way that someone using the same app can send messages in one box and receive messages in another box
something like thi

Screenshot 2023-08-26 232210

That is an example from Kodular. It uses a single listview that can be formatted to be 'pretty'
App Inventor can do that using an extension or it can be done in a similar way using a single listview but with a different display. Something like

like How to: A SpeechRecognizer powered Chat app using the MIT CloudDB component

or like

or search the community for chat several examples using other techniques. :wink:

I just want something like that for Kodular
pls how can I do it using a single listview or an extension

pls i need help with this code
I want to achieve this
Screenshot 2023-08-28 175029
but the extension for that is regular expression extension
but I can not find this code in it