Tengo una conexión de Bluetooth y me aparece este error cada vez que ingreso ''Ha ocurrido un problema al cargar este proyecto. No existe estrategia para actualizar BluetoothClient de la versión 6 a la 7.''

Dear @Lucy ,
please take a sight to @Anke 's solution. it works !


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HI. I am using a lego mindstorms robot and I am trying to connect it to bluetooth client and I have completly no idea what I am doing. can someone please tell me how to do that. thank you.

Same here @Squimby only; I'm trying to connect one device (Android mobile) with a 'sending app' on it TO another device (Android tablet) with the 'receiving app' on it.

I am a newbie and have no clue on getting Bluetooth working either, help would also be welcomed from me too please.

recently we had a similar question... therefore before asking a question it always is a good idea to do a search in the community...

see also the other answers there


Hi Taifun...
I knew someone would have an answer for me; many thanks.

It seems that; I was trying to receive with a Client and not a Server... Talk about a square peg in a round hole! :roll_eyes:

Basically I am trying to create a scoreboard (the receiving app) that is controlled by a remote control (the sending) app. Now I realise my mistake...
Thank you :grin: