How can I get to the next screen after selecting an option from my products?

Hello I'm creating an app for ordering breakfast, I did the first screen where I ask the customer what he wants to buy, He clicks a listpicker which opens a listview containing a google sheets drive that's converted into a csv file, I made the next screen too but I need to know on how I can get to the next screen after selection
Blocks screen 1

GUI screen 1

Please I need help

I suggest you to use virtual screens and not a lot of screen , faster , less MB and you haven't to move data between screens.
Anyway if you are using tinyDb you don't need to pass value , add tiny in the other screens and get the tag you want .

and what do you mean by virtual screens? never heard about them lol

I tried but it doesn't work, can I ask you on how can I go to the next screen with the data that you have selected with a button

Use arrangements like screens, set them visible or not to simulate the changes.
After picking save in the tiny without the procedure , if you store in tiny you don't need to pass the value. In the new screen call the tag .

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I tried calling the tag but it gets me the label which tells what did you selected (literally the text

Which is what you saved to the tag.....

Show the new blocks you're using now :+1:t2:



label8 it's where I see the chosen product

man I need help please

I know but I have 2 kids running like a Ferrari in the house :joy::joy:
Tiny is a local Db , so you can store tags in one screen and get it whenever you want just with the block get tag.
So you don't need open another screen with value because you just have all the tiny values.
You don't need procedure with one block , use store values directly under the after picking

Are you sure you can get selected item correctly after picking?

Another thing. When you use open another screen with value , in the new screen you have to use get start value
To get the value you passed.

thank you very much, I'm still a teen but I can imagine you being busy, have a good day kind sir!

If you store correctly the value under the tag you can get it whenever you want in your app.
I will take a look after :sweat_smile: if nobody help you :+1:t2:

sorry man but this is my first app that I'm developing, I didn't new what was tinydb like 2 days ago ahaha
I can't understand here
when you are free, can you check it?
appsayonata_revised (2).aia (78.1 KB)

and it shows like this now (it happened before too)

You don't need value to pass if you use tinyDb. Use a normal block open another screen

Show me your listview, I want to see the elements you are in

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Idk it shows nothing