Host Your Own TinyWebDB Node Server - NodeJS | On Shared Hosting

In this tutorial, you’ll get to know about hosting your own TinyWebDB Instance on any shared hosting. I’m assuming that you already have shared hosting and you are logged in to your cPanel.

:zap: Host your own TinyWebDB Instance

Now follow the below-given steps or Click here to watch the tutorial video to set up Node Server.

  1. On cPanel, Under the SOFTWARE section you’ll get the Setup Node.js App option. Click on that
  2. Click on the CREATE APPLICATION button.
  3. Provide Application root , Application URL , Application startup file , and Passenger log file , Click create.

  1. Now got to file manager and on /home/<Your-Domain-Name>/ you’ll find tinywebdb folder as we have set Application root to tinywebdb.
  2. Inside this folder create package.json file and paste the below-given JSON
  "name": "tinywebdb",
  "version": "1.0.0",
  "description": "Node JS Server For TinyWebDB - Niotron Component",
  "main": "index.js",
  "scripts": {
    "test": "echo \"Error: no test specified\" && exit 1"
  "keywords": [],
  "author": "Ct tricks",
  "license": "MIT"
  1. Create another file database.json and paste the below-given demo data in that.
  "tag1": "Hello_World",
  "tag2": "Hello_Cttricks"
  1. Now open index.js file and paste the codes of index.js file of this repo & save it.
  2. On NodeJS panel Stop App and click Run NPM Install (Refresh the page if the button is still not clickable)
  3. Now click START APP button.

Now visit your Application URL. It should https://<Your-Domain>/tinywebdb/ . You can access it by clicking on the :arrow_upper_right: open button on the right side of the Application URL.

:warning: Please note that
When you paste the Application URL in Service URL of TinyWebDB component, remove / from the end of the URL. Example https://<Your-Domain>/tinywebdb

:rocket: Click here to watch tutorial video

:arrow_down: Download demo AIA
(direct link to apk removed ..please, no apk files direct download links) [Community Posting Policy](Post and Attachment Guidelines))

:zap: Node Server - TinyWebDB

:zap: xTinyDB - The Open Source TinyWebDB Alternative

:zap: Free Extension Of xTinyDB + Guide

I have also made GUI, to easily manage & access data from the different buckets.

:rocket: Click here to view demo dashboard of xTinyDB
Hit :heart: if you learn something new today. Enjoy your own TinyWebDB Service! :partying_face:


Nice guide @Ct_tricks

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Very good.

If you have time, would be nice to see a similar howto on doing this on a standard linux server with LAMP and node.js installed....


(added to FAQ)


Sure I'll share the guide on hosting the TinyWebDB server on VPS too

this works using only a pc?. or its working using maybe termux with a chroot?

yes, you can work with other phone how server, nodejs in termux

  1. install nodejs in termux
  2. create proyect folder
  3. into folder creare index.js
  4. copy y paste code TinyWebDB
  5. for run "node index.js"
  6. with commad "ifconfig" or "ip addr" search IP phone