Post and Attachment Guidelines

Regarding attachments to posts, our policy is the following:

Media attachments, such as images (especially those of design/blocks), videos, PDFs, and text documents (such as error messages and stack traces), are allowed.

Source code, such as Java files, are allowed.

App Inventor project (AIA) files are allowed. For now, we will allow projects that include extensions if the project is meant to demonstrate an extension behavior and the extension author allows for it to be published (e.g., don’t post paid extensions in AIAs—they will be removed).

App Inventor extensions (AIX) files are allowed so long as a link pointing to the source code is also included. If you would like to publish proprietary extensions, please link to an external site that includes the extension rather than posting it directly on the forum.

Android and iPhone application packages (APK/IPA) are forbidden because we do not have a means to guarantee that they are not malicious. Posts containing these packages will be edited to have the attachment removed. Repeat offenders may receive a warning or a ban.

All posts made to public categories in this forum are considered to be made under the CC-BY-SA 4.0 International license. These rules are subject to change.


Is it allowed to post a download link of an APK (eg from Google Drive)?

A self loading apk from a download link is a SECURITY issue. We don’t know whether the apk is created with AI2 or something that will provide a virus or security issue.

I believe no apks or apk links should be provided. This is so MIT can not be responsible for malware from this forum and to protect the person down loading. Let someone provide a link to their web page where the apk does not self load.

As far as I know, Google Drive automatically performs a virus scan.
So is it allowed?

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