Tinywebdb on google app engine migrate from python 2.7 to python 3.x

I've my own Tinywebdb running on google app engine for some years. I adjusted the main.py so next to the App created with App Inventor users can also use a web page. In the past I succeeded to migrate from python 2.5 to 2.7. Before the end of the year a migration to python 3.x has to be done. I'm not a developer and have no clue how to do this (e.g. webapp2 is currently used and it seems I have to use django or flask now for python 3). Did someone already did such a migration and if so could you share the changes in the app.yaml and main.py (and other files if needed)? Hope someone can help!

This is the schedule from google on support of python:

Are there any updates planned for Tinywebdb to bring it to python 3.x?
I hope someone can help to ensure continuation after 2024-01-30.

Probably easier to setup your own tinywebdb