HELP How do I get data to listview?

I have a problem and I hope you can help me solve it,

I have difficulty getting a list of rows and saving them in tinydb
I have retrieved the data in the form of: id, name, actionsoccer
and the results are out: id: 1, name: aaron, action: keith striker

I'd love to be able to store it in tinydb so I can recreate it without getting through web1 again.
this is my block

please help me

Please say better your problem (show more blocks)
The given information is not enough

this is my full block

Create the necessary blocks, connect to the companion (if you're using the companion), right-click on those blocks, and press "Do It." The TinyDB value for that tag will be updated.

what is your app name? what are you making?

I want to save the results of the data list but it doesn't work on foreeach

Did the original code (the blocks you had given in the original post) not work?

not work,i learn from google image

see this url this is my data :
i want thats data to my listview element, but i need one by one save to my tinydb

Then, responseCode does not equal 200. Check your query.

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i try again buddy

runtime error
The operation length of list cannot accept the arguments: , [""]
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.


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ok buddy i will learn

there is no way to fetch data to the listview element there buddy

There are no direct tutorials; you'll have to learn through examples. Also see:

ok buddy no prob

anyone online? i am stuck here..