Görüntüyü sola nasıl taşıyabilirim ve metin ne kadar uzunsa kartı nasıl uzatabilirim?

NewCardViewDemo_1.aia (78.4 KB)
I couldn't adjust the image to the left and I couldn't stretch the card the longer the text was.

please give an example image/photo of what you want to achieve in the cardview.

And I suggest to use the Template to create cardview.

I need this please help

Have you considered using a listview with the listviewplus extension ?

It lags when using high resolution photos

How big (w x h) are your images in the listview/card view ? That is how big your images need to be.

I pull the photos and texts from the database. images are generally between 200x100 and 100x100

You need to create the component like this:

but I don't know how to do it, can you help me? No need for 3rd label

NewCardViewDemo_1 (1).aia (94.9 KB)


I keep the first item not set as card, it's not generated by compcreator, I got the template from this.


Thank you very much

Can you install the enhance plugin dated 2022-10-04?

What do you mean?

I need this, but this plugin version is not available on your site.

Also see

for complete freedom, but total responsibility.

can you reply?

It is just a combination of other functions in this extension, you can make one procedure by yourself, just like you did with the beauty extension.

I am not with my computer now, maybe after 10 hours i can update my website.

Also, you already have It in the sample aia. Download the aia, unzip it, find it in assets folder, zip it, rename it, you get the aix.

I couldn't do it, what you said ruined my project. Can you please share aix with me?

ok, you can download the extension again from here