🟩 Google Sheets - Simple Post and Get Data

Here, in my view, one of the simplest solutions to uploading and downloading data to a google sheet from AI2.


Hello can I ask you about spreadsheet block, right now is we still need using script ? I can get data but I dont know how to using it on block, when I googling every articel using script.

Yes, with this method, you need to use a google apps script. This allows you to keep your google spreadsheet restricted, if you so wish.

You can also use blocks to send the code if you set up a google form to send the data to the spreadsheet. See here

If you are happy to ease the permissions, and allow anyone with link can view, then you can get the data without needing a google apps script.

Yes, Apps Script has daily limitations,
Also you may get error if you have running multiple scripts simultaneously.

So i recommend using the built-in Spreadsheet component which uses FREE Google Sheets API and it's limitations are more than enough for normal to medium users.

but nothing there about read/writes to a google sheet by the script running as the owner of the script/sheet.

I think that too counts in the script running time (90mins per day),
but anyhow i experienced many failed attempts if the script was accessed by more than two user at the same time.

That is if you use Triggers.

Let us get back on topic please

Thanks a lot, i understood clearly.


thanks for answer, I just dont understand then what for spreadsheet block and Google service api for. I think with google api service or json, we dont need type any script anymore, just set the spreadsheet blocks. But your answer thats mean we need use script too.

Show what you mean, your blocks /spreadsheet.

This is just a matter of schools of thought.

It's like having extra tools in your toolbox, just in case.

Some of us stick to blocks to avoid having to type from memory.

like this guide..

If we use this block are we still need use script ?

I haven't seen a case for using scripts that blocks can't handle.

Scripts were developed before the current sheets component, if I remember right.