[FREE] TableViewer - fully style customized to show table data

and i deprecated ShowTable again. it seems that nobody like to use it.

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Great work !

Comments / Observations on V4

You have done something clever, because the table no longer scrolls back to the top when setting a style on table click :smiley:

ScrollTo works well for both thead true and false, even if you just use a number instead of row.

I note that you have removed the source code property ?

Your extension now falls into my most excellent category :smiley:
(I like playing with css)

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how ever, i find one issue: when head is fixed on top, after scrollto some row, it's covered by head.

sourcecode is removed by accident, I will add it back.

SImply a case of row -1 again I suppose....

how can you set the whole row in the set style?

oh boy, oh boy, oh, boy !!

You can add images as well :smiley:


This is shown using tableclick event

If thead = true, you will need to subtract 1 from the row

but how can I do it with this example, so to speak, that if it says 'yes', the whole row becomes bold

Use my example:


or with thead = true

tr:nth-child(row - 1)

brilliant. I did not expect that.
image from web/asset/asd all working.

and other tags like div, input, even javascript should also work.

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The input tag would be good, but would need javascript in order to return a value?

Could you suggest an example of how this might work ?

and how can I make all the rows that have 'yes' in the 'summary' column bold?

is this the same question with post 61?

si pero porque no me exprese tan bien

change 5 in picture to your number



Hi kevin,Ok for bold setting rows with YES, how can I reset them for bold setting rows with NO ?

see here:

which selector should I use ? I tried with table without success