[FREE] Notification Style: extension with various types of notification

sorry because I was in a hurry :sweat_smile: I will correct it right away!

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Do You mean that in the list we should put a equals block?

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@Jarlissonlira2 has not been on the community for some time...

Suggest you look at the example aia project provided. That may answer your question.

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Ok Thanks @TIMAI2

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Hi everyone,
I was wondering is it possible to set a date and time at which the notification will be sent? For example I want the users to be able to set a reminder for a certain date and time.
I would be grateful for any help.
By the way, brilliant extension!
Thank you so much,

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this extension is not able to do that...
but there is another:



can someone help me bigpicture is not working the image cant be load , although large icon works fine
what could be the reason :thinking:

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Most probably this does not work with remote pictures... try a picture stored in the assets of your app and check its size...

Minimum: 512x256, Balanced: 1024x512, Maximum: 2048x1024.


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No, not for me (Android 9).

Try something like this:

or this:


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I try to send a simple notification but the icon doesn't show, only the notification colour and it's cropping in a square in the middle (Android 12)

Unfortunately this extension has not been upgraded to SDK31. Is it possible to solve this problem? Thanks


i have same problem how to fixed it?

As the extension is open source someone should be able to easily change it (for targetSdk=SDK 31).

Yes I change this code like this FLAG_UPDATE_CURRENT

put all to this code FLAG_IMMUTABLE

this work for me..... thank you :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Hi, thank you for the updated extension. I had created simple IOT application, where the app sends notification when a motion is detected, only at specified time period chosen by the user. When using this with the MIT AI Companion app, the notification is sent. However, in the built version of the app it shows Runtime Error and the notification is not sent, can anyone help me resolve the problem. I know the other parts work fine as the error is only shown when the ".SimpleNotification" is used.
Thank you.

P.S: I had also used the UrsPahoMQTTclient extension. 1st picture is of the notification part, the rest is in the second picture. The app also does not pop up notification permission request when opened.

Welcome, show us the runtime error.

The above photo is from the apk.

The photo above is from the AI Companion.(Notification is marked with circle for clarity)

Does this also happen in the companion? Could you share the .aia file so that I can look it?

To find out more about the runtime error, use logcat