Display the sentences in screen

I mean this

I tried to change the font name and still the font size is changing.

How can I jusfity all the sentences in order to be all lines in the same size. like this:

try with this extension

This is exactly what I need but I have tried to apply on my project but I do not know how?
I have found this aia but still I can't apply this method on my project.

you can ask here [Free] CompCreator - create component dynamically

Anything more about it? Why can't you use this block in your project?

I need to insert spaces to get left and right text allignement together


aa bbb ccc dd

fffff ggg hh
ww rrrr ttt eeeee


aa__bbb_ccc dd
fffff __ ggg__ hh
ww rrrr ttt eeeee

this block get error


Here CSVdynamicCOMP2.aia

How can I set the background with this image for full af page

Is this correct way

Runs it well ? if yes it's correct

It display like color lines
I have display with this file
1.csv (12.7 KB)

I don't see any problem

The image is expanded because there are a lot of sentences but if there are only a few sentences there would be no problem at all.

How about set the image as Screen background? The screen should no be scrollable.

Yes. now it works very well.
Thank you @ Kevinkun

How can I set the Fontcolor Label with color #b9d5da
Is this correct way

It should be Color.
In designer view, you may get all property names.

It should be TextColor

Osama you are never satisfied :smiley:

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Patel I hope this would be my last question.
I tried to to set like this but it was not color

That property only accepts App Inventor color blocks. Please convert the hex color values to App Inventory color blocks, in the Colors drawer.