Data validation - Need advice

Hi everyone,

I'm fairly new on app inventor, have some basics covered and lack some knowledge on the "how?" of some topics. Right now, I'm trying to create a simple game based on a random grocery list. The idea is to get 5 random items with a random quantity (1 to 3) from a list of 20 (screen1), press next, then on screen 2 get the full list of 20 on a pick list, select those 5 items correctly with its quantity (textbox), then press the button "validate". Finally on screen 3 get a score based on each correct selection made.

So, I'm here to read some suggestion on the logic of how to do it, basic examples could suffice.

My question is:
How can I call that random list created from screen 1 to screen 2, validate it with its corresponding quantities, get a final result (score) of how many correct picks and quantity on screen 3? (I suspect that i need a csv file, instead of making the list inside the blocks).

I hope, I made myself clear enough, so you can give me better feedback.

Thanks for your time.

You don't need different can do it using "virtual" screens

Anyway, if you want to store data available in different screens, you can use TinyDB component (or pass the info needed to the next screen with "close screen with value" block).

You will need a list of pairs with the rights elements: element - quantity.
Then, once the 5 items have been chosen check, for each item if it is in the list and if the quantity is the same. For each item matched increment the score.

Thanks, ii wasn't aware of the screens limit or the use of virtual screens. Also, I know about TinyDB but for small things, to carry 2 o 3 separate values from one screen to another.

With no more details...I would try virtual screens.

Here a visual idea of my app/game.

For the record keeping, you could use parts of this sample:

Use the counts, not the money.