CustomWebView : An extended form of Web Viewer

is there any way to detect the download is completed

Perfect, thx

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Thank you for your Work.
I will try to get the JS running.

It is not possible to check download completion but what you can do is to use a download related extension.

Hi, I have a problem with WEBVIEWER, that is, within the websites I connect, I cannot download the pdf files. i installed your extension but i can't solve. Could you help me solve it? thank you so much.

Hi @Pepito Welcome to Community
You can download files in this way:

thank you for you support. I can't set the download path

Just leave it empty.
But still if you want to set path on Android Q and above then you will have to prefix ASD path to folder name.

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Hi I am wondering if I can use your component, my idea is to use a webviewer to display an ad banner, which when clicked would open an external browser with the ad website

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You can do that.

Can i show Specific Part of a website

I created a small application that can be used to browse several websites using CustomWebView. My problem is that without a link in the code (a target = "_ BLANK" href = "http ......), the application does not open chrome, ff, etc. When I have such a link (a href =" http .. ....) the page opens inside the application. (a href = "mailto: xxxx) works fine and invokes your email client

My question is, can it somehow call an external browser (chrome, ff etc.) from HTML code?

Yes, if you know JavaScript.

You can try creating a custom intent URL.
But the question is why you want to that.

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hi thank you for the answer
what does custom URL mean ?,

I tried

<a href =
<a target = "_ BLANK" href =
<a target = "_ SELF" href =
<a target = "_ PARENT" href =

why do i need it. I display a simple website on the application, but in the content I want to provide a link to another website, e.g. an online store.

See here:

But you can detect new window request and handle it accordingly so why are you redirecting user to browser.

For the ondownloadneeded block, how do I get it to download said file?

Always read old posts before asking a question:

yeah I looked but that didn't work
I got the error: "Can only download HTTP/HTTPS URIs: blob:" when trying that

Error is quite clear.
You can download http and https urls only.
You should try removing blob: from download url.

I've tried that too, doesn't give an error rather it just doesn't do anything unless it doesn't go into the downloads folder I can't find it