How Save the file frome internet?

I have built a web browser. It opens web pages but does not open the download link and will not download.

this is my blocks picture.
I want my browser to open the download link and download the file.
Please help me.:pray:

I don't think the WebViewer is advanced enough to actually download files onto your phone; try using the ActivityStarter component instead.

If you are using the webviewer component, this, by itself, has no access to the device file system, so can neither download nor upload files through the browser.

You can try the CustomWebView extension which provides for this:

(the blocks for this are a little different now)



The download process is complicated.

i could not.

I did the CustomWebView cast.

But when I run the program on the phone, it gives this message.
What is the problem?

You can't create the CustomWebView in a Screen, only in an arrangement.