Create an App with BLE communication

Hi guys,

I want to create an App with a BLE function, so that I can use this app to control my Raspberry Pi and do some work. I can connect the Phone with my RPI now but I have no idea about how to construct the whole structrue of this app( only considering the BLE communication). Like how to realize the function that when I press a button, it can send a command to the RPI and my RPI can receive the command. I am not quite clear about the service_uuid and characteristic_uuid. What should I do?

It doesn't matter if you are not familiar with the RPI. Other embedded devices communication using the ble experience can also serve as a reference. Or if you know something about how to complete the basic configuration, that is ok.

I really appreciate all kindness I received from this community.

I try to get the serviceUUID by adding these blocks. But the AppInventor show some error. Do you know what should I do?



When I set the blocks like this
My smartphone showed results like this. I have checked the official documents but cannot find sth useful to me. Can anyone give me an example? I really appreciate it.