Copy a Screen within MIT App Inventor

This tutorial will show you how to copy a screen in MIT App Inventor. This is useful when you need to have similar screens in your app. The same thing applies to duplicating blocks or components in your project.

  1. Go to the screen that you want to copy.

  2. Select the screen in the Components list, which is betweeen the Viewer and Properties.

  3. Hit the 'Copy' combination on your PC (for example, Windows is Ctrl+C)

  4. Create a new screen. Your copied components will place here.

  5. Hit the 'Paste' combination on your PC (for example, Windows is Ctrl+V)


Do not hit the 'paste' combination for long! If you do, you will have your components pasted on the screen many times.

The time of clicking the combination should be about the speed you press an English letter key in Google Docs. Just like this, if you press 'E' for 10 seconds, you will have many Es in Google Docs.

If you don't understand, watch the video below. I used Google Docs as annotations...
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A small grammar mistake in the video: it's hit, not hitted.

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It would be useful to mention

  • when is this useful
  • how to tell when you have done this too much