Controlling LED's from my phone via BluetoothLE

Ow I'm sorry sir, I don't know that.
I hope you get well soon

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Your connection setup looks like it missing the part where a list of devices to connect to is generated.

Look for samples in

Excuse me, I'm sorry, is there any specialization for lighting the LED, such as UUID, Characteristic, and BLE service?

Can the bluetooth client be paired with BLE?

The BluetoothClient component is ONLY added to declare the missing permissions in the Manifest.

so, if I use Bluetoothclient on my Arduino nano BLE 33 it doesn't matter?

You should NOT use it (so no blocks). All you have to do is drag this component into the Designer.

Really? So BluetoothLE still can work?

Of course. What about trying ...

I'm sorry, I've try it but nothing happen


Is there something wrong with my block

the status is still scanning

You didn't ask for permissions.
(Show all relevant blocks and post the aia.)
Android version?

Yes, it's android version

I.m sorry, I forgot it. This is my aia file
cobak.aia (939.2 KB)
and this is my block

Which Android version?

Did you try my test aia?

android version 11, and bluetooth 5.0

yes, I've try it