Chart Maker help please

Hi there,
I'm trying to make my charts in webviewer instead of canvas.
Starting to learn, I came to chart maker extension.
When I build a list like this, it works:

But when I try to make the list out of data, my block doesn't work:
I get this message:
Bad arguments to append to list
The operation append to list cannot accept the arguments: , [.......

See here:

Already read that tread, but I couldn't find my answer. By the way I'll ask there.

I have deleted that duplicate post...

I think I'm not clever enough to figure out how to implement those examples to my case.
Suppose that I want to graph numbers 5 to 100 in x axis and X*2 in y axis. As I tried in this block:
Whats wrong with creating the list?
The list is not created as expected and I get error message while creating the list (not yet drawing the chart )
Could you pls write down the block to make the list that is suitable to use in chart maker?

These blocks will return a chart:


global n = [ [5,10],[6,12],[7,14],......,[100,200] ]


Thanks so much :heart_eyes:
My mistake was that I had initialized the list by an empty text (" ")

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