Built In Google Sheets Component for App Inventor

I am happiest one to know this

Finally it came !!


I have searched but unable to find a development time line. Is there a planned date for the next release containing the Google Sheets component? or can you direct me to the correct tool for monitoring development time line please?



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Tentatively the release date is July 12.


Today? Or not?


See here



Will this ever be released?

Google changed the Sheets API between the time this was written and now. leading to some rewrites that have slowed the component down. I hope to have a new component available for testing in the near future.

This is the more recent thread. I believe I may have accidentally overwritten the test server, however.

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it's been nearly 2 years now, Google Sheets Component works fine, will it be added in next update.
Let me know that the test server will not shutdown in future as I may lost all the projects, if it gets shut down

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@Shanmuga_Nathan We're not prepared to include it in the next release, but it's in final review with the dev team. Assuming no other significant bugs are found, it should release in the near future.

It sounds like you've been doing some significant work with the component and find it works well. Could you give me some idea of the kinds of projects you've been using the component for? This is incredibly valuable feedback. It's difficult for the team to approve and merge big, complex changes like this because we are small, and it's very difficult to test them completely. This component required quite a bit of redesign because of changes Google made to its API.

Feedback from you and anyone else who is using the component on the test server can speed up our approval process.

As far as your projects, I recommend you keep backups. Export them to your computer using the "Export all Projects" option from the Projects drop-down menu. When we merge the component, you will need to import your projects on the normal server. Also, though I have no immediate plans to take down the test server, it's just a test server with no guarantees. Many things could happen, including things completely out of my control, that could wipe it out.

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I just need to say that it's the best alternative to Firebase Database, the speed of this component is equal to the speed of Firebase DB and the notable thing is the API :100:**% completely free** with 300 read and write requests per minute.

:star_struck: Also no coding knowledge is required like Firebase DB as the Google Sheets Component is basically an Excel sheet.

TEST server is too old, and i cannot copy screens, I'm just testing out the component and all blocks on a regular basis and providing feedback. If you upgrade the test server version to latest, then I can provide all my project ideas even with free AIA

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I hope the main purpose of MIT APP INVENTOR is no code, then This component will be easy for beginners and zero coders to create a no code private and secured Database at no cost.
Hope the team will bring the component soon in next few future release.

I understand, but if the test server is gonna Wipeout, please send a reminder date to the users, as it might be very useful to take project backups.

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Sir, When i build apk file, there is an error. Server error: could not build target. Please try again later!.
any idea?

The spreadsheet component has been published, so the test server in this thread is no longer relevant. Please move any projects from the test server to either ai2.appinventor.mit.edu or code.appinventor.mit.edu.

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sorry I'm a beginner, I tried to post data to google spreadsheets but it failed, am I wrong in creating the credentials or the block, please help me..