Built In Google Sheets Component for App Inventor

What extension?

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this thread is about the new Google Sheets component, which still is not released into production


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by icon24 Taifun.


When will this component be available on regular server ?

not find Google Sheets Component for mit App Inventor

The link to the test server is in the first post.

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Google Sheets Component java file share please sir

Why? The component is still not released so maybe there are changes to be made.

please sir coming soon update the Google Sheets Component add-in builder

I don't know that. But why not use other solutions that can be found on the community?

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in used in Google Sheets extension but is paid

You don't need an extension to use google sheets. Learn to do it without extensions with @TIMAI2 tutorials.


So, as far as i know, the website for google sheets as a component is being hosted but App export server is not Running @ewpatton pls take a look. Whenever I try to export an app, it shows Build failed! Connection refused (Connection refused)

The server had suffered a reboot back in January and wasn't set to restart the buildserver automatically. I've corrected the issue, but please be aware that test servers are provided on an as-is basis and we make no claim to whether they will continue to be available into the future.

Well, now build server works sir

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is there a estimated time when will this component come in public

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@ewpatton Is the person that can answer this

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We were thinking about putting it in the next release, but there is also a discussion about whether we should try to improve the user experience around access control first. The jury is still out. We are having a development meeting on Monday and I'll include it on the agenda.


Have you Decided @ewpatton

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Yah ! I am also excited too much to see it, if it having bugs then, mit can add it as an experimental component

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We've decided that the component will go into the next release as-is and then we will make usability adjustments afterward.